Frequently Asked Questions

Readership Stats

We have been reaching out to well managed and higher end retail stores asking if they would like a free magazine to offer to their clientele. The  retailer can decide who to give the magazine out to, or display them for free. We will concentrate our distribution around the larger metropolitan areas with the highest number of cannabis retailers in these areas. We will mail the magazine to retailers with a cost for shipping in smaller populations.

Why it works

We want to reduce the clutter of 100+ product knowledge cards that are laying around in retail stores. We work with a cannabis retail brand that has 16 locations and the bud tenders are complaining of how much space the product knowledge cards are taking up, plus they have to spend a lot of time cleaning up cards and many of the cards are thrown away. The bud tenders would love to give something away to their customers that has a high perceived value. Bogart Magazine is stylish, with a highly collectable factor. Having an on-going and stylish presence in retail stores will benefit advertisers, as hosting pop-ups is very expensive. We have a year's worth of reliable social media analytics and digital is not reaching the older generations. According to the statistics, older people love magazines and will enjoy taking a magazine home to browse, and the older generation is making up 40% of the customer base that we have seen in retail stores. 


We are 100% compliant. We only distribute the magazine at locations and applicable trade shows that are age restricted. All creative will stay well within the rules of cannabis advertising. Our website is age restricted as well, and we can provide online advertising as banner ads and links. We only work with licensed and reputable entities. 

Investment ROI

We will be able to start accumulating data and providing reports from our first issue. How quickly we run out of our first print will be one deciding factor of success. Feedback from readers, email subscribers, retailers and site visits  will also be available once we have enough data to compile a readership report. 

Compliance Parameters

Working closely with one of the top Cannabis legal firms in Canada, we have compiled a list of regulations that will appease the regulators with responsible advertising. A few of these are: 

  1. The ad isn’t aimed at youth 

  2. The ad does not inspire over consumpution

  3. The ad gives Health Canada warning in yellow label

  4. The ad doesn’t promote lifestyle

  5. The ad doesn’t mention price or THC content​

  6. The ad states the facility is licensed

  7. The ad does not contain any brand or endorsement

  8. The ad does not contain any characters or a product representation

  9. The ad does not tout any benefits

  10. The ad is very restrained


Bogart articles and content will also reflect these parameters with thoughtful topics such as:

  1. New Products

  2. New LPs

  3. Trends

  4. Seasonal 

  5. Product Guides

  6. Best in Class

  7. Events

Payment Info

All creative and administration will be through our investor, AWAKE Marketing Inc. We are starting a waitlist of interested advertisers and will start collecting payment once we have reached our advertising quota. Our launch date is  March 15, 2020.  Our first issue is centered around the legalization of edibles.